Website Redesign
In today's world it is not enough to just have a website; the competition is fierce and experts agree that website performances should be evaluated constantly and the site's design and functionality refined, updated and improved on a regular basis in order to keep up with the competitors.
                     Do we need a new site design?
                     Not always, as the problem may not be in the design, but in the site’s inadequate presentation of                      information, its unclear user paths or its inability to generate leads. Make sure you and the agency                      openly discuss the rationale behind the requirement for a new design. A good agency will offer                      solutions that best address your business aims.
                     How do we know which provider is best for us?
                     Any agency with competent designers can create good-looking sites – check their portfolio. But                      portfolios can’t tell all – choose an agency specializing in design that converts users and propels them                      toward your business objectives. It is vital that the agency gains a deep understanding of the issues                      you’re facing – are they asking you the right questions to find out?
                     What about measuring the success of a new design?
                     A good agency holds themselves accountable for any claims they make regarding what the new                      design will achieve. How and what will they measure? How frequently will they report? What                      performance aspects may be tracked in the Web site analytics? Answers to these will distinguish the                      agencies that really care about your business from those simply looking for a quick sale.
                     Ongoing support, updates and revisions?
                     What ongoing services does the agency offer? What’s their plan to keep your Web site up-to-date and                      aligned with your business goals? What platform do they recommend that best enables your site to                      achieve your business goals? Upon what findings and understandings are their recommendations                      based? What support and marketing services do they offer in order to grow your online business?