Web Promotion
The web is like a universe. There are a zillions websites orbiting this space looking for attention. How do you ensure that your website grabs the attention of users who require your service or product? The answer to this question lies in building an identity of your own. An identity, which reflects your vision, goals and objectives.
Online marketing, web marketing, Internet marketing and email marketing are words that hold a lot of importance for entrepreneurs. Today, there is a wide range of online marketing opportunities. Successful online marketing depends largely on the ability to identify those options th at provide the best opportunity to reach your target audience in a cost effective and fast manner.
Our umbrella of website marketing service covers :
     Search Engine Optimization
     Analysis and tracking
     Email marketing
     Website evaluation
     Affiliate marketing
Analysis and tracking :
Wouldn’t you want to know the tastes and preference of your visitors? Infinity Dsign offers advanced tracking and analysis to identify visitor trends. By keeping a close eye on your competition and market inclinations we give you a competitive edge over others. Our market research capabilities are extensive and we use our expertise to bring you success.
Email marketing :
Permission-email is now a critical element of the marketing menu of organizations to communicate with customers and drive sales. The concept, however, is not as simple as it sounds. Effective permission-email marketing requires a meticulous understanding of diverse consumer interests, respect for personal information and constant contact frequency. Our clients who have established successful ongoing consumer relationships through email are reaping the rich rewards of customer loyalty and healthy sales growth.
Website evaluation: :
Does your website look drab? Does it lack spirit? Then it’s probably time to redesign or make changes before you begin to loose customers. But where do you start? That’s difficult to say unless you have an expert to take an unbiased look at it. We can do that for you. Our analyst will carefully post mortem your website to identify what can be done differently. This way you get our expertise and experience is channeled into making your website a winner!
Affiliate Marketing: :
Infinity also deals with Affiliate Marketing. It is an online marketing program where affiliate partners are rewarded for giving the advertiser business. Affiliate marketing websites receive payments for promoting products or services, in the form of commissions on sales generated. Pay-Per-Click banner advertising or PPC banner advertising is an advertising model sold on a cost-per-click basis. This means that the advertiser is charged according to the number of times his ad has been viewed and clicked on, to access his site. So this way, the advertiser only pays for potential customers who have read the ad and shown a further interest.
Overwhelmed with all the possibilities? Don’t be. After working with Infinity Dsign, there is only room to be overwhelmed with the results!