Website Development Process
Step 1: Analysis
Site Analysis includes client & audience preferences, competitive analysis, marketing & branding concepts, and necessary business rules.
If necessary client will send all required data like images, content, video etc. as soon as possible.
Step 2: Prototype & Demo design
In this stage we apply all site analysis information and create a layout to be approved by our client.
Demo design will send to client within 3 working days when we will receive initial payment from client.
Step 3: Changes In demo (if required)
Any comments, suggestions, or minor changes from the client review are taken into consideration and the necessary steps are made to address those issues.
Step 4: Implementation
When demo designing is approved by the client work will begin to develop website. Graphical layout is optimized to be integrating with HTML using CSS based design which will ready within 4 working days when design is approved by client and respected data will collect.
Step 5: Technical Work
Developing HTML pages
HTML pages will ready within 2 working days when CSS design will ready.
Step 6: Testing
Website will be gone through all testing stages for debugging properly and smooth functioning. Testing involves the use of specialized browser testing software, calculation of download speed, automatic & manual check for broken links and a final check on any technical errors.
Step 7: Upload Website
Ready website is uploaded on sub-domain of our server to view client. Uploaded website link will be send to the client for their testing.
Modification(If necessary)
Client will view their website, tested and suggest the changes if required. Respected changes will be made by us.
Transferring rights and permissions
When Client will pay all the remaining payment to us, at that time website is transfer to client’s name.
Step 8: SEO Submission (Optional)
When website will be live, all SEO related work will be made within 4 working days.
Step 9: Maintenance
Site will need to now be maintained with new content and interactions for as long as it is live. Minor additions can be added, major ones will need to be added carefully and may require a new approach to be developed during a new design cycle, for this purpose our maintenance contact will help you.